So those law studies weren’t wasted, after all… by Vera Mark

Question: What happens to a lawyer who sees the light?

Answer: She becomes a writer.

Update, several years later: She wonders if it really was such a great idea to chuck a solid career with good income… and… and… and…

Yes it was. Thanks to a fine little Sci-Fi anthology called “The Singularity”.

Over the past *cough* years of writing screenplays (and hiding them in the depths of my files), short stories (and leaving them in the drawer) and a novel (taking way too long with that), I did often wonder about my choice. I knew I would have been miserable as a lawyer, but I just did not see how I could “make it” as a writer. I’m not even talking financially, but how on earth would I get people to read my stories or make my films?

I’m not good at putting my stuff out there. I’m afraid of being rejected, and probably also afraid of being successful – I won’t be able to hide behind unpublished and unread stories any more. But then this sneaky little franchise called Create50 outwitted me. It started out as a safe place for me to publish, get feedback from kind, supportive fellow writers, and become a better writer. It morphed into an excited countdown as my submission was shortlisted and moved on into the finals.

And now look what’s happened – thanks to “The Singularity”, I have a brand-new, shiny Amazon author page. Success has snuck up on me. (Not to mention that I have learned hugely, and promoted my writing career, through the other Create50 branches.)

Oh, and my winning story, R vs. Martin Smith? Guess what, it’s a courtroom drama. So those law studies weren’t entirely wasted, after all…

Vera Mark.

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