‘Frank’… a story inspired by Create50

Before a friend suggested the Singularity competition, I’d never really written a short story. I ended up submitting four, all featuring the everyman character, Frank.

It was great to have two stories short-listed. Something I don’t think would have happened without the constructive feedback of the Create 50 writing community.

And to have, By Any Other Name, staring Frank, selected for the anthology, was very cool.

After that, Frank had the Bic between his teeth and wasn’t letting go.

Inspired by Create 50, I’ve recently finished Frank’s biography, and, no surprise, it’s called Frank.

The novella tells Frank’s story from his childhood, and first encounter with a Norman, to his last days struggling with the Great Off and, finally, the Little On.

I’ll miss Frank.

Tara Basi.

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