Disclosure: I’d never written a single word of science-fiction… By Carmen Radtke

Disclosure: I’d never written a single word of science-fiction. Read, sure, watched, hell yes, but writing? Then along came Singularity50, and while I loved the concept I had no intention to take part. More importantly, I also had no time. None. Zilch.

Which is why a few days before the deadline I woke up with an idea which by the end of the day found its way into the Singularity50 competition as “For the Love of Jenny”. Then I really really needed to return to my paid work and a novel edit, which is why 24 hours later I also entered “Safe House”. Only the deadline saved me from going Singularity-crazy.

Considering that my published novel are historical mysteries it took me by surprise how easily hooked I was.

I blame Singularity50 for my jumping at a friend’s suggestion I should join another Sci-Fi anthology project (The Anthropocene Chronicles, with two stories by me).

Both my Singularity50 entries got short-listed, and “Safe House” made the final cut. Because I never know when to stop I have a few Sci-fi scripts roughly outlined. Too bad I really have no time to write them. None. Zilch. Probably.

Carmen Radtke is a published novelist (The Case of the Missing Bride under her own name and A Matter of Love and Death as Caron Albright), a scriptwriter and woefully easily seduced by ideas in all kinds of genres.

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