A Missive on the Singularity by Claire Rye

Monday night and a forgettable dream wakes me from my slumber. I look over at the clock. 11.53pm.

My mind starts a conversation with itself.. It’s past midday in London. They have announced the winners.

You were going to wait until morning. But i can check now…

Go back to sleep you have to work tomorrow. You’re not going to sleep.

Yeah I am , I’ll just close my eyes and… you’re right I’m not going to sleep. Go find out if you made the list.

I commando roll out of the bed trying not to disturb the unconscious body beside me.

I sneak into the dark and silent lounge room. My phone lights up the whole house and burns my corneas as I check my email.

No email from Chris Jones Refresh email. No email from Chris Jones… What the…??

Google… Singularity50 winners… drum roll please… found it! My throat is dry, my stomach churning, I blink and squint as my blurry eyes adjust, trying to focus on the tiny letters on a tiny screen. Is that …. it is … that’s my…


12:02am and I am back in bed, wide awake and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

1:44am still awake, still grinning.

Claire Rye

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