A few thoughts from writers in the Singularity 50 process

Now we are underway with the reading of The Singularity stories I thought I would share a few comments from writers that I have had via email…

‘I loved the process of Singularity 50! So far as I am aware it is unique in that others give feedback so subsequent drafts that can be refined in the light of what a reader makes of your story.

It is so easy to think that what you see in your imagination is actually in words that are comprehensible, on the page, when too often, it is not to a real live reader!

I had days to go to the deadline and had a mixed up idea for my story “Brothers in Arms”. I asked my Create50 friends Eric Henderson, Phil Town, Philip F Webb and Sarah Newman for speedy feedback. With their very helpful comments I got to Draft 3 but at the end felt that it was a collaborative project. Thanks to those guys in particular and to everyone who helped all the writers on Singularity 50!’
Tom J Hingley

‘As far as I know, there are no other forums that allow you, as a new or emerging writer, to edit and hone your skills with such generous support from a diverse community of talented people. This is a truly altruistic and original approach and I will continue to submit my stories and improve my storytelling. Bring it on.’
Michelle A. Hood, Writer

Singularity50 was an exceptionally positive, inspiring experience; an opportunity to meet like-minded writers who elevate each other’s material. Aside from that, I just fell in love with the fictional timeline that served as a story universe for Singularity50.
Leanna Blacksmith

We are SOOOOO looking forward to publishing this book!

Onwards and upwards

Chris Jones

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